About Disabled But Enabled

What is Disabled But Enabled?

Welcome to my blogs and vlogs! My name is Adetutu Emmanuel, I blog and speak about disability, focusing mainly on Sickle cell disease.

Having lived with sickle cell disease all my life I have experienced the frustration of people not understanding the illness,  including some people in the medical profession who you would expect to know better.

Having a disability and the worlds expectation of living a mediocratic life has never resonated well with me. This is what has given birth to Disabled But Enabled

Disabled but Enabled was born out of a desire to educate people about the challenges and realities of sickle cell and also to encourage all  disabled people (regardless of their disability) not to let their disability stop them. Our desire is to encourage disabled people to go ahead and reach for the stars.

I also hope that family, friends and loved ones of disabled people would also be encouraged to stay strong as they read the blogs and watch the vlogs.

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